About Us

“Together we can change the world, just one random act of kindness at a time”. – Ron Hall.

Here at Rotary Jubilee 2016, we believe in the wise words of Ron Hall. Our world today has undergone tremendous changes. Some can argue that things have gotten better whereas others can argue things have turned worse. Irrespective of which side you support, there is one thing we can all agree on. That is, it is our responsibility to help the needy.

It is quite unfortunate there are innocent children, women and even men out there who can’t put a meal on their table. Others are dying of diseases that can be prevented through vaccinations and medications.

Rotary jubilee 2016 brings together friends, concerned neighbours and corporations who share ideas and take action with the aim of creating a lasting change. We take action both locally and globally. Our members are passionate about making the world a better place. We deliver well-crafted projects that have a lasting impact. We are proud of our intelligent team that has spearheaded lots of projects in all corners of the world.

How to Contact Us?

Do you have an idea on how we can make the world a better place? Do you know of a group of people who are in need and have a way on how we can assist? Feel free to contact us today. You can reach us via email or contact us on our telephone number below.

Our team of representatives will provide you with all the requirements and answer any relevant queries you will have. You can contact us at any day or time. We are always ready and willing to give a helping hand where we can.

At Rotary Jubilee 2016, we believe that no challenge is too big for us. Provided we come together.


“For the period that I have worked with Rotary Jubilee 2016, we have plastered many smiles to hundreds of people from all over the world.” – Julia Ann, Rotary Member.

“Rotary Jubilee 2016 came to our aid when we were in urgent need. I have never seen such an organized Rotary group.” – Marvin James.

“We are a united and professional team that welcomes donors and volunteers from all over the world. I believe we have what it takes to make a lasting positive change.” – Sylvia Cabello.

Here are Some of Our Causes

• Fighting and eradicating diseases such as Polio and Malaria.

• Promoting world peace.

• Providing education and increase adult literacy.

• Saving children and mothers.

Join us today and help us transform the world into a better place!