Rotary Jubilee Charity Mission

Vision Statement

The Jubilee Rotary is a fast-growing community-based organization seeking to help you grow closer and to have a personal relationship with the Lord through constant Christian teaching, exploration and engaging in charitable work as a practical expression of God’s love. We are also dedicated to making the world a better place by working together with other officially recognized charitable organizations across the world to help fight diseases.

Mission Statement

Our work is driven by the need to promote a world where we appreciate the resources that we have in the world to serve the Lord while making the world a better place. We do this by creating a space where like-minded individuals can meet, learn and grow their faith in the Lord. We also engage in charitable activities to help rid the world of diseases.

As opposed to the other rotaries formed earlier, we use a different approach to fighting diseases and creating a peaceful coexistence by embracing collaboration rather than competition. We believe that we get better results by sharing ideas and working together with agreeable charitable organizations. We are interested in the growth of not only ourselves but also the people around us.

We strive to uphold a world where the population takes care of God’s creation and spreading His love, while also showing the love for each other. It is the best way through which we draw closer to Him. It is also important in promoting the world’s peace and development.

Our organization is looking to impact every person in the world that believes in the love of the Lord. We will do this by holding community outreach events and also organize visits to different spiritual spaces where our members will learn more about the person of the Lord and strengthen their faith.

For these objectives to become a reality however, it is important that our organization is built on Christian moral values that provide a sense of direction to the members. We work with religious leaders who will guide and support the members while acting as their mentors in the spiritual and social development.

Ultimately all the projects we engage in are geared towards making a difference in the world. All the activities we undertake are informed by the need to draw the masses closer to the Lord and to create the best environment to live in. we give the members an opportunity to grow spiritually while impacting the world positively.