First Durham has enjoyed a whirlwind of successes. The online insurance corporation has been working hard to deliver the best possible service to customers. The company has had a lot of success with pinpointing pricing for insurance as people log on to the service on a multitude of digital devices.

 This has been a 40 year journey for First Durham. And people can have a one stop approach to getting their needs met. Now, in the spirit of gratitude, First Durham is partnering with the Rotary Jubilee. They are hoping that they can help less fortunate people through the charity event. All of the proceeds will go to people in need of financial assistance the most.

 With the world in a state of disrepair, there is a lot to be done. People across the globe are going without their basic needs. The disparity is growing and it is not a time for complacency. The Rotary is a network of 1.2 million people who care. They have a vested common interest in making the world a better place for all of its inhabitants. The network is divided into 35 000 plus clubs and growing. These clubs all have the mandate to work against disease, provide clean water, enhance sanitation systems, aid families, advocate for education, and promote local economies. These goals might seem far fetched to some, but to the members of Rotary, they’re why they got started in the first place with their plans.

 It is fitting that First Durham would partner with such an inspiring group of people for their event. First Durham has enjoyed the success that they want others to experience in life as well. It’s important to them to have a mentality that at any moment, it could all be taken away. They know the realities of the up and down economy all too well. As Canada exits a recession, it’s back to business for some. But for others, they may be unable to climb out of poverty or poor health due to a lack of resources. The insurance broker in Pickering hopes that this event will spark change. They also hope that it can be a trend for other businesses.

 Rotary Jubilee is a time when thousands of Rotary members gather at the Vatican in Rome. Pope Francis gives an inspiring message to the crowd during this event. He wants people to remember that Christianity is an act of service just as much as it is a belief system. That’s why many hungry hearts, numbering in the thousands, make a trek to Rome for this time of both celebration as well as reflection.

 After the previous Jubilee, Pope Francis actually took time to personally meet with the group of Rotary members. He had a special intention in mind when he had invited the group to that particular event. His intent was to educate regarding vaccinating people for Polio. It was obviously a subject that has been controversial and contended in the media recently even in first world countries. But the Pope hoped to encourage the group to soldier on in their fight to eradicate Polio.

 This kind of enthusiasm for health care and wellness among people is contagious. And that’s why the insurance broker in Pickering, First Durham Insurance wanted to help fund important missions such as these. This charity event will be a time when people can have fun, be educated, and most importantly, give back to the community. There are so many worthy causes in society. It is quintessential to act upon the momentum of both the Rotary and the Jubliee in sharing wealth and health with the entire world.