The Jubilee Rotary is a fast-growing community-based organization seeking to help you grow closer.


Rotary Jubilee is a fellowship through service which provides support through conferences, assemblies, and even some social fellowship events. Therefore, it serves as a worldwide gift, regardless of religion, belief, nation, or creed.

Leader of the Roman Catholic Church


His Holiness Pope Francis has marked and continues marking a time of salvation, hope, justice, forgiveness, and peace. So, while Pope Francis is the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, he reaches a wider and more diverse audience with his sagacious words and humble acts of kindness.

Rotary Jubilee encourages the masses to be committed to being a Gift to the World by serving those who need it. This is the ultimate goal we strive to achieve along with serving our Lord. By being present for the people who need serving we are indeed serving the Lord.

Rotary Jubilee


World peace is profoundly important to us and we look forward to introducing this further by hosting fundraiser events and donating the fees (all expenses and administrative costs) and our time from Rotary Jubilee to several charitable causes including but not limited to providing purified water, helping migrants, supporting education, addressing humanitarian crises, promoting sanitation and hygiene, and eradication of polio. These service projects are the key factors to this Jubilee which Pope Francis established as the Holy Year of Mercy. 

Rotary Jubilee brings together volunteer leaders across a global network with the same goals in mind and the right mindset to achieve them.

The world has pressing challenges internationally, and we strive to tackle them by improving lives in any way that we can.


Pope Francis inspired this Holy Year of Mercy further, urging a crowd of more than 100,000 to build a culture of peace, security, and solidarity around the world.

This message of love and peace was embraced by thousands of Rotary members, and continues to inspire the masses both locally and internationally.

This spark was reignited at the Vatican in St. Peter’s Square on 30 April 2016 at the invitation of Pope Francis. The ceremony was held in the incredible, ancient city of Rome, which is referred to as the “Eternal City“. It is undoubtably one of the most beautiful cities in the world, which has not changed profoundly since it’s beginning glory days. Perhaps this is a representation of how our causes are eternal, spreading peace and beauty all over the world, and how our faith in the Lord and humanity has not wavered since the very beginning.